Folder Creation fails in Transfer Queue

Howdy, I've upgraded to the most recent of SmartFTP before reporting this- it didn't solve the problem.

HTTPS connection.

I'm dragging and dropping stuff into SmartFTP- and while it uploads /files/ fine, if the folders do not exist, SmartFTP does not create them. (And thus attempting to upload the files within results in an error because it's tryign to place them in a nonexistant folder.)

If the folders already exist, it works. If I create the files manually, it works. (Meaning, Smarty CAN create folders on this server/connection.) The transfer queue is just not doing this.


When attempting to upload the 'css' folder which contains two files, this is the log;

[07:19:06] Getting attributes of "/Volumes/count/students/elided/Sites/rtc2/css".
[07:19:06] 2 No such file
[07:19:06] The operation has been added to the Transfer Queue. Check the Transfer Queue for the status.

These actions (the check for folder existence and determination that it does not exist) are performed BEFORE the transfer queue starts. (I stopped it to test.) At this point, the only item in the Queue is the folder named 'css'. When i start the queue up again, it immediately 'transforms' this into the two files 'within' the CSS folder, and attempts to upload them- apparently without first creating the CSS folder. No new events are added to the Log window, in the Transfer queue the files are shown as connecting, failing, and then waiting to retry.

The Queue log for the 'css' folder is:

[07:21:48] Resolving host name ""
[07:21:48] Connecting to Port: 22
[07:21:49] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.7"
[07:21:49] Initiating key exchange.
[07:21:49] Computing session key.
[07:21:49] Key Exchange Algorithm: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256
[07:21:49] Key exchange completed.
[07:21:49] Host Key Algorithm: ssh-rsa
[07:21:49] Client to Server Encryption: aes256-ctr
[07:21:49] Server to Client Encryption: aes256-ctr
[07:21:49] Session HMAC: hmac-sha1
[07:21:49] Client to Server Compression: none
[07:21:49] Server to Client Compression: none
[07:21:49] Authentication request. Method: "none"
[07:21:50] Server supported authentications: publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password,keyboard-interactive
[07:21:50] Authentication request. Method: "password"
[07:21:50] User authentication successful.
[07:21:51] SSH session established.
[07:21:51] Connected to
[07:21:51] SFTP protocol version 3
[07:21:51] Detected Server Software: OpenSSH
[07:21:51] Resolving path "/Volumes/count/students/elided/Sites/rtc2/css".
[07:21:51] Path successfully resolved.
[07:21:51] Sorting 2 items.
[07:21:51] Sort Time = 0s.

SmartFTP version 3.0.1014.7
Windows Vista
Server attempting to upload to: Mac OSX Server (Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3)


* Can log into server
* Can create folders
* Can upload files
* Can use transfer queue
* Transfer Queue does not create folders which don't exist on the server, despite testing for their existence and finding them to be absent.
* Errors ensue
* This problem recurs on multiple accounts used to log in to this server
* This problem does not occur on other servers. (Unique to this hosting solution?)
* The server uses a HTTPS connection

I will (grudgingly) provide a login for this server if requested for testing/debug purposes. Ask and I'll PM it-- I'd rather not have the account info floating 'round.

From the log I can see that the server tells us that the directory already exists:
[07:21:51] Resolving path "/Volumes/count/students/elided/Sites/rtc2/css".
[07:21:51] Path successfully resolved.

I'm running the same SSH/SFTP server and the result is different here:
[13:55:24] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.7"
[13:55:25] Resolving path "/home/mb/aes/HKCR".
[13:55:25] 2 No such file
[13:55:25] Creating directory "/home/mb/aes/HKCR".

Can you try the same thing with WinSCP and send us the log of what WinSCP is doing in this case?

We can just create the directory regardless if the "Resolving path ..." function fails but I don't consider this a good solution.