what happened to 'copy & replace'?

Hello all,
I'm trying to upload files. Uploading isnt the real problem...its when I am trying to replace an outdated file with the current version. I typically try to drag & drop the new file into the new folder. I'd expect this to work like other drag & drop features, but instead I get several options...none of which I fully understand.
  1. 1) Merge
    2) Dont Merge
    3) Copy but keep both folders
    4) Use Automatic Rules
I really just want to copy and replace - no merging, no keeping both folders, etc. I've searched the help files for Automatic Rules, but even the knowledge base didnt produce any usable results.

I'm a little frustrated that such a simple (and common task) is so elusive. Any help would be **greatly** appreciated.


Click on Merge.