What is "safe mode"? Can't find in documentation

Below the "upload", "download" and "sync navigation" icons (in the center column between the Local and Remote panes), there is a "lock" icon. The screen tip (hover over it with the mouse) says, "safe mode."

I cannot find a description of "safe mode" or "safe" in the online documentation. There are descriptions for "active" and "passive", but not safe.

What does clicking this do?

Also, please add an article to the online help with the appropriate key words.

Thank you

I'm using 3.0

The safe mode button is self explanatory. When enabled the 2 move buttons are hidden. If disabled they are not hidden.

The safe mode button is self explanatory.

Thank you for explaining it. When I clicked the safe-mode button I didn't notice that the other buttons become disabled.

An item is "self-explanatory" to someone who understands it without an explanation. Developers often think that their intended meaning is obvious to everyone else but, since I didn't understand it, it not self-explanatory.

If the screen tip said, "Safe mode: Disable/Enable file transfer buttons," then that would be descriptive of the function.

(BTW, my question was asked politely and I took the time to explain my question thoroughly; a polite response (simply giving the answer without the "self-explanatory" comment) would have been better received on this end.)

It was unclear to me, too, what this button does. I noticed the other two buttons to disappear, but was not sure, if that is the only use of that button.

"Safe mode" sounds somewhat like "without plugins" (Firefox safe mode) or a bit more secure (encrypted transfer?).

I did a google search to determine the function of the "safe mode" button, since I couldn't find it in the documentation either.

I assumed it did something like "always prompt before overwriting" or, like firefox, "disable plugins", or like windows, "not load any non-critical functionality".

Safe Mode means different things under different contexts, and it wasn't quite self explanatory in this one.

When clicking on the Safe Mode button the two move buttons are either shown or hidden.

We have removed the "Safe Mode" button in the latest version and replaced it with a new right-click menu.