temp: default edit folder

before, when I hit edit on a remote file, it would open in my default editor, Frontpage and the file would be saved in the temp folder, but now after I upgraded from 2.5 to 3.0, smart ftp creates new folders within the temp directory such as '752ab72b' for my files. This disrupts my workflow absolutely, please tell me how to change that or where I can download good old 2.5.

No, Version 2.5 luckily does not create folders with names that look like pointer adresses within the temp folder. I just downgraded, thank you for the link. It disrupts the workflow because it is inconvenient not having all files that one edits during the day in one folder. One would have to switch back and forth between folders for one thing and for another thing, I keep all image files in a folder called images on the remote server as well as in the temp folder tself, so that they will be shown in the editor as well. So, basically all I am looking for in the new and improved Version 3.0 would be the option besides default download folder, application data folder and file viewer to determine a default edit folder. Actually I was wondering before how I could change it to the 'my web sites' folder that comes with Windows and which would be a better place to keep my backups.

What folders does version 2.5 create in your opinion? It's the same code. SmartFTP creates a hash value of the server + folder and puts the files there.


All htm/html files, in fact all files, no matter what folder they might be in, or what server they might be on, that I open in my editor by hitting 'view' in 2.5, are then copied to my temp folder: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Temp\
In 3.0 the view button was apparently renamed 'edit', and unfortunately it now adds a new folder named after hash values to the temp folder for each server and for each folder that I happen to edit a file from.

Okay. But the new way is that it creates the folders in the temp folder. And there are no plans to change this since it's a good idea.

That's why I'll stick to good old 2.5 then, until I figured how to use Frontpage Server extensions, or whatever it has become now.