FTP becoming a pain to use

I've been using SFTP for about 8months now with no problems, and since i started work a month ago was on the verge of buying it. That was until 3.x came out. It's no so annoying to use i'm onthe verge of looking for something else.

Several key problems for me:

1) The remote window refreshes by itself. No idea why, but every 30seconds or so it auto refreshes. Normally this isnt a problem, but if like me your accessing a server with hundereds of files it's a pain in the rear. Since you start going through the list looking for the file you want, then it refreshes and the list has reset itself right back to the top and you have to start all over again.

2) why aren't folders kept at the top of the tree like they used to be? In 2.x no matter how i sorted the list folders would always be at the top. This was great, and how i liked it. Now they're scatered all over the place and it makes navigation a nightmare with aboove problem thrown in it leads to hair wrinching and vald patches!!

3) Why can't i go back to 2.x. Earlier to day i tried to go back to 2.x, but it wouldn't let me. Whenever the program started it says there's a new version and closes down. What good is that?? I like 2,x, and i until 3.x worked i wanted to go back to it, now i find i can't even do that.

I'm not a happy user