Need help....

Hi Everyone,

I am new to using SmartFTP and this is the first FTP program I have used.. I am just wondering if it is best for me to upload a zipped file or is it best to unzip the file first? I have been trying both ways and nothing is working...

This is the error message I am receiving

[10:56:58] CWD /chat
[10:56:59] 550 Can't change directory to /chat: No such file or directory
[10:56:59] MKD chat
[10:57:00] 550 Can't create directory: Permission denied

I have created a chat folder in my public html folder in cpanel, is there anything im missing or doing wrong?

Any advice for a newbie starting out would be greatly appreciated. I am sure ill have alot more questions as I start to use it properly...



A huge thanks for the support. I worked it out myself!