Transfer ONLY Newer/Updated Files

Sorry if I've missed a post on this topic, I browsed many pages within the forum before I posted.

I've completed a full transfer of files from a website to my external hard drive as a backup.

Now all I want to do is keep that backup current (an incremental backup).

Is there a way to get SmartFTP to transfer ONLY files that are newer than their counterparts on the local drive?

I started a new transfer and it was clear that SmartFTP wanted to transfer ALL files from the website (about 1.5 Gb), and there are only a few files that have been updated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Michael B. Shapiro

SmartFTP does by default only transfer the changed files from the source to the destination. It means if it thinks the file on the source is different from the one on the destination the file is transferred otherwise not. It uses the timestamps and the size information of both files to make the decision. If your server supports a hash command it will use this as well.