Transfer successful on smartftp but website shows "Page not Found"

I've managed to transfer from my hard drive to my host and in the name box it says index.html when i go to the url it display a "page not found" page and says the following below. Also now that the transfer has taken place howdo i save it or do i just shut it down? Please see below for what the problem is and please let me know what to do.

Why have we placed this temporary page for you?

If your site does not include an index.html page/file (either your placeholder "Under Construction" page or a home page you created yourself), your site visitors will receive a "Page not Found" error when viewing your domain. If the temporary page on this domain is currently visible, it also means DNS name pointing has been successful and you are ready to begin building your site!

Important: By default, the first page you'll see when you visit your domain name is "index.html"

What to do next?

In order for a visitor to see your web site at your domain, your site must include a file called "index.html." Files called "page1.html" or "home.html" or "default.html" for example, will NOT appear as your primary page when visitors arrive. You should rename it index.html for it to be visible as your site's default home page.

NOTE: Web page file names are case sensitive. Your home page needs to be named "index.html" but "Index.html" or "INDEX.html," for example, will not be shown when someone visits your web address. Also, be sure your file includes the extension .html. If your file name ends with .htm, you may need to resave it as an .html file.

Can anyone tell me what to do?