Restore Default Settings

You’ll have to bear with me; this is my first post and also it is really my first time using ftp proper, up until now I’ve been using Dreamweaver but have been advised that I should try to learn ftp – so here I am.

I’m asking about default settings. When I open up my server I see my Remote Folder. When I look at the transfer tutorial and follow the download tutorial when it comes to opening the New Local Folder the tutorial shows it sitting to the right of the Remote Folder ie you can see both the Remote and Local Folder on the one screen.

Here is the however. My screen doesn’t look like that the two folders are open but appear separately, at the top of the screen just below the address bar.

I know that when I was experimenting with the program I altered this setting but can’t seem to get it back

I’m sure it is a simple question how do I restore the default settings to get the folders to appear side by side

Looking forward to learning ftp and seeing whether or not it is simpler than Dreamweaver to manage

ps hope I've explained myself properly

To change the layout (left remote browser, right local browser etc) you can do that in the menu: Windows->Auto Layout

To reset all the settings you have two options
1. Delete the registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP using regedit.exe
2. Use the Backup Tool (Start->All Programs->SmartFTP->Tools->Backup Tool) und use the Reset function.