Transfer Queue does not work with Vista

I had been using Smart FTP for over five years with no problems. Then when I upgraded to Vista I had to upgrade Smart FTP. The new version has some kind of transfer queue that absolutely DOES NOT WORK!. The files just sit there forever. Not sure if it's Vista or Smart FTP. Regardless, I have tried everything and I can not turn off the queue!


I hate to change to a new FTP client but unless I can get rid of the queue it is impossible to use.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thanks but the transfer queue does NOT work with Vista and the latest version of Smart FTP. The files just sit there and never actually upload.

I read the link you provided already when I went through the help section to try and find out how to turn off the queue. Can you please just give me step by step instruction for how to turn off the queue? If it's really complex, then can you paste the text here or tell me exactly where to look on the page? I've already read through the enitre help section, twice now.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Double click the item in the transfer queue to get the log. Then read the log and if you don't see what's the problem post it here.

The log is blank. The files have just been sitting there for over a week now and never uploaded.

Here's a screenshot:


All I need to know is:



Please, just tell me how to turn it off.

I've been going through all the Smart FTP settings and help files for weeks, until I finally gave up and started using Staff FTP; while that program works fine, I would prefer to go back to using Smart FTP if you can just tell me how to turn off the queue.

You are sure the Transfer Queue is running, on left bottom site i can see the Transfer Queue is "Stopped". And don't ask how you can turn off the Transfer Queue the answer is simple you can't!


Can't turn off the queue? Why in the world not? I don't even see what purpose it would serve if it did work and as people upgrade to Vista they will have to find different FTP clients.

It says "stopped" because it never starts. Every time I try to upload a file the queue starts automatically and stops the transfer. I guess I'll have to use a different FTP client until they figure out a way of turning off the queue. That's really sad; Smart FTP was the best FTP client out there until they incorporated that stupid queue!

Thanks for trying to help,


It's very simple actually. You need to start the Transfer Queue. There is even a information bar which reminds you to do so. If you do not start the queue the transfers will not be processed.

Hey, that actually worked!

I still think the whole mandatory queue thing is a silly little nuisance but at least I can transfer files now. Even with the imposing queue, Smart FTP out performs every other FTP client I have found - and believe me I have tried a lot of different clients during the past few weeks.

Hopefully the next version of Smart FTP will provide a means of turning that stupid queue thing off!

Thank you very much for your help and patience.



In another week you gonna love the transfer queue and never want something else ;-)

Hey - I need to turn off the transfer queue because my webspace provider only allows 1 connected FTP client connection so data and control need to go thru same socket connection. The latest SmartFTP is forcing all uploads through the transfer queue and everything fails due to "maximum number of clients are already connected". I need to turn off the queue or force it to use the same connection as the control connection - is this possible?
I love SmartFTP but I am now using command line FTP and may be forced to go to another Windows client if I can't get round this problem.

Edit: Just found I can close the browser window and queue starts up, but I used to be able to transfer without closing the remote browser.... gimme back my remote browser!

Contact your web hosting provider and ask them to increase the connection limit. Are you on a free hosting plan?

Contact your web hosting provider and ask them to increase the connection limit. Are you on a free hosting plan?
that is not a viable solution.

this transfer queue is just plain annoying.. there are times when you NEED direct action and want to see a 'normal' transfer (like the older versions did)

I have to agree. Even though the queue can be made to work, it takes more time and keystrokes. When working on a large site with extensive page loading I waste a half hour or more a day in total just dealing with the queue issues.

Why not just implement a simple means of turning off the queue? That way people who want it can use it and those who do not don't have to deal with it. It worked fine for years without any queue so I can't imagine it's a big deal to figure out a way to allow users to turn it off.