Disable Auto Connect?

I've looked thru all the options in Tools->Settings and Favorite Properties and cannot find anything that disables auto-connect to any and all remote servers upon start up of SmartFTP (build 1013). The only options in Tools->Settings->Interface->Workspace->Restore on start are Nothing/Everything/Remote/Local. I've tried them all and like the default of Everything because it maintains my custom pane/window layout (single local pane left, 1 - 3 remote tabs in right pane). HOWEVER, on startup I want to MANUALLY connect to a desired remote site, not have SFTP connect to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them at the SAME TIME!!

What to do?

Go to the menu: Tools->Settings. Then in the Cache dialog set the cache to expire after 3 days. This way the Remote Browsers will use the cache instead of connecting to the server to get the new listing.


Thanks. Works, but sure is a hidden feature if ever I saw one. Would be great to add that radio button as a check box to the Connect root and label it "Disable auto connect on startup" which would then 'activate' the duplicate option in the Cache settings (cache expiration: after X days).

And why does auto connect still function when Cache is disabled (unchecked)?

This was just the question I was going to ask. It is annoying that every time you start SmartFTP, it auto logs on. Perhaps in a future version release the developers can put an option that is easier to understand.


I've wanted a toggle switch for this too... the closest I've been able to come up with is the disable internet switch on the side of my laptop.