Transfer: Always prompts for Override

I must not understand something about this newfangled 3.0.1010 version.

Every upload to update an existing page, I'm getting the confirmation dialog to overwrite, overwrite with saving the old file, etc. This never happened with the version 2 program.

I've tried editing the favorites to have no rules and to have the rule IF Destination Time=Older AND Size = No Matter AND Transfer = Upload THEN OVERWRITE. Nope - still get the dialog.

What am I overlooking or misconstruing?


Hello ..

Please install the latest version from:

Then go to the file exist dialog in the favorite settings and set the default action to "Use Automatic Rules"


Thanks so much for the rapid response. Worked like a champ!


I am having the same problem, I have tried the solution proposed above, and it is inconsistent with overriding (that is to say it doesn't always actualy override the file). It shouldn't be too complicated to tell it to automatically override files with the same name. Is there an easy way to do this with the new version of smartftp? The old version seemed much more straight forward.

lite: Change the file exist rules in the favorite settings. Then Transfer->File Exist dialog.