Install problem


SmartFTP (v.2) was being closed every time I attempted to transfer files, checking for update I found there was a newer version and attempted to install 3.0.1012.17. Part way through I was told files were in use and I would have to close application listed. What was listed was the Setup.exe, which is silly, if I closed that I couldn't install. Besides I couldn't close it. There were NO programs at all running at the time, I had closed everything down.

I pressed ignore and it appeared to proceed but when finished I got the notice that "sfFavorites.dll is not registered correctly" and when I attempted to launch SmartFTP from the shortcut I was told that feature was only for installed programs.

I went to the Programs Files and uninstalled 3.0.1012.17 but still could not access SmartFTP, apparently it is not recognizing the older vesion as being installed.

I got a fresh install from the home page and the same thing occurred as before. After uninstalling I attempted to install an older version, the one I had before, and it said a newer version is already installed. In addition to clicking the Uninstall file in Programs is there something else I need to delete?

Please tell me how to install 3.0.1012.17 OR how to uninstall it so I can install an older version. Right now I cannot access SmartFTP and I need to.

Please help.

And just where is that file to be found, the link is the download. At any rate I downloaded and attempted to install. It seemed to be going fine until the finish and then I got this error. Retrying didn't work, had to Abort.


Did you restart your computer afer the installation? If not try this. Then try to manually delete all files in the C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client folder.

Then try the installation again.


Yes, I did reboot and still couldn't access SmartFTP. However, I did go and try to install again, said it was a resume installation. I got the Fatal Error: sfFavorites.dll is not registered correctly.

About deleting all the files in Programs ... I have 5 folders: ... 043vk6.jpg

Shall I delete the last four folders in addition to deleting the files from the SmartFTP Client folder? I won't lose my settings will I?

Delete all 5 folders. The settings are stored in the registry and the application data folder. It means you won't loose them by deleting the 5 folders.

You can also go to the command line. Then go to the SmartFTP application folder:
cd C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client
then type
regsvr32.exe /u sfFavorites.dll

Then try the installation again.



In the 2nd line you typed sfFavorite.dll instead of sfFavorites.dll. But in the first line it was correct. Try to install SmartFTP now.

BTW: Do you have the SP4 for Windows 2000 and all updates from Windows Update installed?


First of all, thank you mb for all your help and patience, I really appreciate it. However, it seems to be one thing after another. I've updated SmartFTP many time in the past and have never come up against anything like this. Not used to jumping through all these hoops.

Yes, I have SP4 and all updates, got several Windows updates today, might be what screwed up things in the first place.

I restored the registry from a couple days ago and finally got SmartFTP installed from that file you gave me but not happy with it at all. Workspace doesn't look like my other one, my site files won't display, the right panel (remote) is empty, the menu at the top starts with File. Where is the FTP tab? I see no way to connect to the internet. Quick connect under Favorites does nothing.

Also the About box says it's a Professional Edition and nowhere does it mention for personal or educational use. I hope this isn't a trial version that will expire.

I'm thinking of going to Add and Remove Programs and uninstalling everything there, deleting all folders, settings and files, starting from scratch. Don't really want to do that but unless I can access the files on my server this install is not helping me.

I'm sure the major error lies between the keyboard and chair, however, as I already said I have never encountered anything like this before and it's putting a strain on my brain.


After much jumping through hoops I have managed to get my old v.2.5 of SmartFTP installed and displaying again. However, it still crashes when I try to use the Transfer Queue. Everytime. And please don't even suggest trying another version, I've tried them all.

I"ve deleted the key in the registry, uninstalled everything in Add and Remove Programs, deleted all the folders in Program files, even saved the backups to another location and deleted the folder in Docs and Settings. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled until I was blue in the face and finally no version would install anymore. As I say after jumping through some hoops, restoring a registry from several days and other stuff I have a working/displaying copy installed and I'm not messing with it anymore.

I would like to ask about something. According to this web site the unlicensed versions do expire

Is it possible the reason mine crashes when I try to use the Transfer Queue is because it has expired?

This site does say if you want to use the 2.5 version you must purchase a license ... f2599.html

I would be glad to purchase a license for Home use if I knew that would make my 2.5 version of SmartFTP work properly again. Version 3 is out of the question, I don't even want to talk about it. LOL

The one I have installed right now is the last one you gave me in this thread, 2.5.1008.44. Will registering it (buying a license) allow the Transfer Queue to work again?