Stop Remembering changed paths in general tab in settings?


I installed the 64 bit version and I went into the settings and then the general tab and changed the default path to where things are saved. I dont remember what the original paths were, and i want to change it back to default. So i uninstalled the program and figured that if i uninstalled it then reinstalled it that it would put the paths back to what they originally were, but it keeps remembering what i put in.

How do i get the original default paths back again?


If you want to reset all setting delete the registry key at:

Or use the Backup Tool to do that for you.


I dont understand where to find that at. Can you explain a little further in detail?

I am using a 64 bit system and it has files in two different places. and i cant seem to find what you say to look for.



Use the Backup Tool to reset all the settings (not favorites).
Start->All Programs->SmartFTP->Tools->Backup Tool

I think you guys are thinking im asking about something else.

I am talking about in tools -> settings -> general ->

The field of ...

Download Default Folder
Application Data Folder
File Viewer

Once these paths are changed I cant get them to go back to the default values, even after uninstalling smart ftp, rebooting the computer, and then reinstalling smart ftp again. After doing all that I would think that it would go back the original default paths but it doesnt, it keeps showing what i changed them to the first time.


No we know what you mean. Please follow my instructions above.

I didnt think you knew what i was talking about because your instructions were not very detailed on what to do. Sorry about that.

I did manage to eventually figure out what to do though and now have the paths back how they originally were.