Remote FTP directory doesn't open


2008-04-08 21:19:25


well, this problem is divided into 2 parts:

A first of all I experienced that after login I am not anymore directed to my remote home directory automatically. In version 2.5, when I had set up my remote directory e.g. as /html, I was automatically directed to /MyUserDirectory/html, where MyUserDirectory was automatically my remote user name.
This doesn't happen anymore in version 3, here I manually had to set up my remote home directory as /MyUserDirectory/html, while in version 2.5 I only had to set it up as /html.

And I can tell you that it took me really a certain while to find out why I couldn't see my root directory after log in, when I still had the same settings as in version 2.5! Only after I changed the setting for me remote home directory, I was able to view my root directory

B Furthermore the remote home directory that I had set up now doesn't expand automatically, like it was in version 2.5. So now I always have to expand it manually after logging in by clicking the + symbol infront of the directory name, to see the sub directories. In version 2.5 my home directory was expanded automatically, I didn't always have to click the + symbol.

OK, these "bugs" are minor, but really annoying if you have to do that every time after log in...

So I would really prefer to return to the behaviour of version 2.5....



2008-04-08 21:24:29

Hello ..

This was a bug with version 2.5. The behavior is correct in version 3.0 now.

There is a setting in the global settings Global->Navigation dialog to automatically expand the tree.



2008-04-09 04:36:47


2008-04-11 05:26:43

Hmmm.... ok, your first answer came extremely quickly, but it didn't really solve the problem...

Will I receive another reply?

Thanks in advance,