Rollback to 2.5

I want to rollback to 2.5 1008 how do I do it right to keep all logins to my FTPs?

I can not use the 3.0.1011.16
* The "[] Do this for all conflicts" do nothing in my istall, do not like it.
* The yellow row as popup in the remote file view is annoying
* Then I copy "readme.txt" file to a folder as only have a one other file (my_text.txt) then the smartFTP say "There is already a file with the same name in this location." it is stupid.

Hello ..

We do not offer support for version 2.5. However we will try to help you to get your problems resolved with version 3.0.

Please install the latest version from:
It should fix the first problem and 3rd problem you mentioned.

Regarding the yellow popup. It is only displayed if the Transfer Queue is not started or hidden.


Will try the new version, can you set a option in "Settings" in the "interface" part for the moveing and shrinking windows I do not want them, likely are that a part of prblem #2 ?

The Transfer Queue animation can be disabled in the Settings -> Interface page.

I'll add my problems to this thread.

1) Transfer queue... honestly, who the hell is using a queue for files. There was a reason 2.5 is good, for starters it doesn't use XX workers, it used 1 worker AND i never had to hit a button to start it every time.
2) I just remembered something BIG .... 2.5 WAS BEYOND KICK $%# it was the ONLY ftp program that me and a ton of friends could find that would actually allows you to continue uploading a file even after the connection was broken. I can't find that option anywhere in 3 or any other program.
3) It impossible to compare sizes in 3, in 2.5 the file sizes were listed right above each other making it easy to check which one was bigger.

If you can fix these 3-4 problems without forcing me to dig up 2.5 again, that would be wonderful.

Almost every FTP client today uses a transfer queue. There is no benefit not using the queue. You do not need to start the queue. It's automatically started.

All transfer are automatically retried/resumed if the connection breakes. You do no longer need to do this manually.

If you take a look at the file exist dialog you would see that both file sizes are displayed. There is even a text saying which file is bigger so you do not have to compare 2 numbers.

I'd also like to rollback to the previous version. This new version:

1) won't automatically transfer a file when I click on the blue circle with the arrow. Since I hide all the other windows, it took me some time to find the transfer queue. I haven't used that since Unix days.
2) lost some of my sounds. Some still work, others don't - like "Transfer Complete".
3) drive me nuts when the Help gives instructions that don't exist - like Transfer Queue Animation".

Strikes me that SmartFTP is another one of those software companies that seems to be getting ready to dump the little guys in hope of corporate business.
I'm about one step away from using something else. Please tell me why this upgrade is better for me than the previous version?

It does tuaomtically transfer the file

Yep that is a known problem we are working on

Install the latest version and you will see the option.

You do not need to upgrade. You can just purchase a license for version 2.5.


I tried to roll back to version 2.5 but I can't! I get the error:

"A newer version is already installed".

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrghhh. What to do now? Everything gets stuck in the transfer queue Or it keeps looping and uploading the same file over and over...

Windows XP Professional.

I too want to roll back to ver 2.5. as discussed in my previous (and now locked) thread ("Transfer queue inner workings" ... 14768.html).

So, I uninstalled ver 3 and installed ver 2.5 again, but the nag screen pops up and says that this "build is about to expire" and gives me the option to download the newest version or buy a license.

Obviously my temp license for ver 2.5 has expired as that's why I upgraded to the temp ver 3. So I click on the "Buy Now" button and my IE browser opens but nothing loads. Clicking on "OK" just closes out the nag screen and does not open SmartFTP.

I'm willing to shell out the 40 bucks to use ver 2.5 as that was a very good and stable release. I do need instructions on how to enter the license number if ver 2 won't go past the nag screen.

If I get some help, you'll get your $40.

You can purchase the license at:

The license key email contains the details on how to activate SmartFTP with the license.

I hope this helps.