Did SmartFTP delete a directory?

I'm really confused. I've been adjusting to the new SmartFTP transfer queue. Today I was trying to download something from a server. I right clicked on what I wanted to download and clicked on "Download..." When I clicked the target folder, SmartFTP froze for a moment. When it came back after a few seconds the folder was gone. I checked my hard drive and everything that was there has vanished. It's not in the recycle bin. Windows explorer shows that the folder was modified around the time that it disappeared. The contents don't appear to exist anywhere else on my hard drive. I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally permanently delete everything while it was frozen.

Did SmartFTP do this or is it more likely that it's a Windows issue? I'm confused as to what could have happened or where my data went.

Is there a way of finding out exactly what happened during those few seconds?

Hello ..

I do not think SmartFTP deletes a directory when you click on Download. At least we do not have anything like that implemented.


I know that it's not supposed to do anything like that. This has never happened before.

I'm an idiot. Somehow that directory got moved to another one. I must have clicked the wrong thing during those seconds.

It was my fault, not SmartFTP.

Thanks for providing a great product and I apologize for wasting your time.