Too many connections

I consistently get the following when attempting a connection:

[10:35:14] SmartFTP v2.5.1008.36
[10:35:16] Resolving host name ""
[10:35:16] Connecting to Port: 21
[10:35:16] Connected to
[10:35:16] 220 ProFTPD 1.2.10 Server (Web Hosting) []
[10:35:16] USER
[10:35:16] 331 Password required for
[10:35:17] PASS (hidden)
[10:35:17] 530 Sorry, the maximum number of clients (4) for this user are already connected.
[10:35:17] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
[10:35:17] Server closed connection

I am using a Netgear dg834n router, and I have configured SmartFTP to use the port range 1024-1026, and UPnP is checked.
The router's Firewall rules are set to allow FTP (20,21) In and Out always.

The problem started after I upgraded SmartFTP to ver 2.5, before that it was great.

I can connect to the server above using Internet Explorer fine, and I can connect to other FTP servers fine, it's just this one that gives Too Many Connection errors. I've checked with everyone who has access to the server, and ensured they are not connected.

Any help from anywhere will be greatly appreciated, it's driving me mad!



You have 4 concurrent connections to the server. To fix the problem follow these steps:

1. Install the latest version from:

2. close all remote browser in SmartFTP: Window->Close All

3. Then set the number of workers in the Transfer Queue back to the default which is 1.

4. Then open 1 Remote Browser.