trouble uploading/editing files

I'm having trouble uploading and editing files. I use this program to maintain three websites and it's not allowing me to edit/upload files to one of the three.

Here is what the log for one of the files comes up with. Please help me.

[00:37:25] PASV
[00:37:25] 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,38,168,212,149,227)
[00:37:25] Opening data connection to Port: 38371
[00:37:25] STOR index.html
[00:37:25] 150 Accepted data connection
[00:37:25] 7651 bytes transferred. (95.7 KB/s) (78 ms)
[00:37:25] 450-Error during write to file: Disk quota exceeded
[00:37:25] 450 index.html partially uploaded
[00:37:25] SITE UTIME index.html 20080401043723 20080401043723 20080401043723 UTC
[00:37:25] 250 UTIME OK
[00:37:55] Remote file exist check: "index.html".
[00:37:55] MLST index.html
[00:37:55] 250-Begin
[00:37:55] type=file;size=0;modify=20080401113723;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=33810;UNIX.gid=33
811;unique=304g21002e; index.html
[00:37:55] 250 End.
[00:37:55] Source File: Size=7651, SizeUnit=Byte, Time=2008-04-01T04:37:30, TimeFormat=Exact
[00:37:55] Destination File: Size=0, SizeUnit=Byte, Time=2008-04-01T11:37:23, TimeFormat=Exact
[00:37:55] RecentTime=2008-04-01T04:37:25
[00:37:55] No rule matched. Default Action="Overwrite".

[00:37:25] 450-Error during write to file: Disk quota exceeded

It means there is not enough space on the server. Please contact your web hosting provider for assistance.


They've been contacted, and the problem has been resolved. Thank you.