if file exists, how to set to always resume?

As the title says how do you set it to always resume??

The options in favorites settings are : ask(no good), use default rules (where can I set these), use automatic rules (whats that?)


If I can get this working the way I want I"ll be buying this application as I'll be using it a lot (I've been looking for a multithreaded version of flashfxp basically... interface is a bit clumsy to me but maybe it will grow on me)

If you choose "Use Automatic Rules" SmartFTP will automatically select the correct action (resume, skip etc).



isn't there any possibility to use this as a default setting?
ive got about 20 favorites and i do not really want to set everything separately...

Of course there is. Change the setting in the default favorite. To do this click on the "Edit Default Favorite" link at the bottom left of the favorite settings.

does it work for all the existing favorites?
ive just seen this option but i thought that would only refer to the new ones...

It works for the existing ones as well since they use the default setting by default.