Transfer Queue and New Version

I've been searching the forums for the PROBLEM with the Transfer Queue in the new version of SmartFTP.

I'm speaking of the change that the queue isn't in the Log window anymore, now it's in the Transfer Queue window and there is no choice to view it as it was in previous versions...

I hate it.

Whose idea was it to force their choice of using a transfer queue on all users of this program?

And why should you have to address this issue over and over? Because OBVIOUSLY many users do not like it.

When you have many users complaining that they do not like a feature, the obvious choice is to fix it.

That is how you keep consumers happy...whether they pay for it or aren't going to be on top if you don't listen to your crowd.

I do understand that is it NOT a third step in the transfer of data. There is always a "queue" for the data waiting to be uploaded.

BUT, I do not like having to keep looking at another area to see if my data is being loaded correctly...or if it has been uploaded at all. In fact, I've had to double check every one of my transfers since I installed the newest version to be sure it transferred.

In the previous versions, all I had to do was drag and drop to the server of my choice and I could see everything that was happening in the LOG window.

I don't have the time to learn something all over again or double check every one of my transfers to verify that everything went like it's supposed to.

I had considered purchasing SmartFTP since I've been transferring more data in the past month, but if this isn't fixed, I'll go back to the previous free version or find another program to use that is more user-friendly and listens to the complaints of their users.