In reading many of the posts in this forum . . there seems to be ONE common complaint.

A lot of people would like to be able to turn off the queue feature.

Evidently the people at SmartFTP couldn't care less . . and really do not want to hear about it.

They choose instead to simply close the topic and turn their backs on the problem . . What kind of a way is this to do business?

The queue adds an ADDITIONAL step to the process . . don't try to tell me that it does not ! !

I used to be able to drag an updated page of a website from the folder on my computer directly into the folder on my server.

Very simple .. bada-bing .. bada-boom .. I'm done.

Now I have to transfer the page . . 1) INTO THE QUEUE . . and then . . 2) FROM THE QUEUE TO THE SERVER.

I much preferred DRAG .. DROP .. and I'm outa here.

It's all about saving time . . Adding an additional step saves me no time . . and it is very annoying ! ! !

This is NOT PhotoShop .. it's an FTP program .. meant to be quick and easy !

You need to go back to the drawing board and add a feature whereby the user can choose whether or not they wish to use the queue.

It's a common misunderstanding that the Transfer Queue takes another step. You can read our replies in the forum why the Transfer Queue is part of the system now.

You have many options to resolve your problem:
1. Get used to the Transfer Queue. It does the job well and in the exact same steps as before.
2. Install version 2.5 from: ... f2599.html
3. Last and least use another product if you believe it works better for you.

Thread closed as I do not see a point to repetitive bring up the same statement again and again.