Direct DL / Queued DL vs New Queue System


I am using SmartFTP since its first versions. I used to be very happy with it. I recommended it to friends and coworkers.
Now I must admit that I am very disappointed with the new version and its queue management.

I am using SmartFTP for 2 purposes.
- Firstly I need to update my website many times per day as I am constantly upgrading it. Direct upload was perfect.
- Then I am using SmartFTP in order to download big files (like videos) as a background task. Queued download was perfect too.

Now it is really painful to get files downloaded/uploaded properly. I have to waste a lot of time to manage the queue and the file order.

My questions are:
- How am I suppose to handle my 2 use cases with SmartFTP 3.0 ? It seems that there is only a single queue for any connections to any website...
- Is there any documentation about the new Queue?

Thanks for your support.