Turn Off Queue ? ?

Smart FTP used to be so quick and simple .. highlight several items .. drag and drop and voila!

Now it is a pain in the neck ..
1) drag everything over ..
2) then it gets put in the queue ..
3) then an additional step ..
4) start the queue ..
5) wait for it to connect

Is there any way to get rid of the annoying queue? Disable it? Whatever . . .???

Much simpler to just drag and drop and move on.

Hello ..

The Transfer Queue cannot be disabled because it's part of SmartFTP. About 90% of all FTP clients available today use a Transfer Queue or Transfer Manager. There are exactly the same steps necessary as before. Drag&Drop the files and they will get transferred.
The Transfer Queue only needs to be started once. Actually by default it is already started.

The Transfer Queue has been introduced to make the transfers simpler and more reliable. Actually it's the "drag&drop and forget" feature you are looking for. No more manual supervision of the transfers is necessary. If the connections breaks or another error happens SmartFTP will retry the transfers. Also instead of attending the transfers to answer numerous file exist question you can do everything at the beginning without waiting for the other files to be transferred first.

From our experience users are confused at the beginning but once they get used to it they like the new way transfers are handled.


The Transfer Queue cannot be disabled because it's part of SmartFTP.

Hang on here, there are other features of SmartFTP and just about any other piece of software out there that are part of a program which can be disabled or turned off. That is like saying that you cannot disable quick reply on a forum. Its basically stupid.

Agreed that most FTP clients offer a transfer queue, however, the difference is now, that SmartFTP forces the user to use the transfer queue. Now it seems you are developing a product that has some super features.. that clients are forced to use should the be wanting to use SmartFTP.

In another post you state that these issues only affect a small percentage of your userbase, or words to that effect. Im not quoting you as I dont wish to give you the option to say you were mis-quoted, as often happens when clients post in developers forums. So this small percentage are left with the choice of like it or lump it? Great stuff.

I'm also annoyed by this.

The transfer queue seems to give you no feedback on the status of the server. For example, I was trying to upload files to a server which was full, but instead of giving me an error telling me so, Smart FTP just sat there constantly re-trying the upload.

Or on another server, I'm only able to make 3 simultaneous connections from the same IP otherwise I'm disconnected. Previously I could leave it alone until the 3 connections were closed, but now, with automatic retry, Smart FTP constantly tries to upload, so the connections are never closed and I can never connect.

Needless to say I've stopped using Smart FTP.

Add me to the list - I really, really don't like the queue. I have hundreds of files siting there and I can't clear them. Somehow I manged to delete an equal number of files of my server and I have no idea how it happened.

I want to turn the thing off!