Why are all transfers sent to the queue?

Like other people who have posted, this is a problem for me because all of the sites I use allow only one connection per IP. If there is no way to turn this off and transfer the old way, is there any way I can use an older version of SmartFTP without the "This build is about to expire" message? Should I just get a new client?

I also don't understand this. What was wrong with it before? Why not add an option in the Options dialog?

It annoys me, because every time I want to upload a single file, it opens a new connection. My FTP server takes about 15-20 seconds to connect to. So every time I want to upload a file i have to wait 15-20 seconds before the transfer even starts.

The same here with me - I also vote for an option for direct transfer in the "old way".


You can install the old version from:
https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/smar ... f2599.html

However the Transfer Queue will be part of version 3.0 as it has much more benefits in most situations. While I agree it's not very convenient if you are limited to one connection to the server you can still use the Transfer Queue. The other problem that it takes 15-20 seconds to connect to the server is another limitation from your server. It's most likely a problem on the server side or your overall Internet connectivity is extremely limited. It's also important to note that you will only see the connection delay for the first file/connection, afterwards the connection will be reused even if the queue is empty and you add files at later time.

I strongly believe that these limitations are not the common case and affect only a very tiny percentage of users.


I don't want a lot of bells and whistles.

Just give me the basics .. drag .. drop and be done with it.

There was nothing wrong with the way the program worked before.

You really need to add an option to turn off the queue.

While I understand what you think is best for us, it's probably better to let us tell you what is best for us. We're the ones using your client after all.

And I don't really want to install and configure a new FTP Server just because I can't turn off the Transfer Queue. Even FlashFXP is intelligent enough to use the existing connection to the server! Can we not at least have that if we can't switch the thing off?

If not, i'll just switch to FlashFXP

I am sure i speak for all the other who can't be bothered to create a forum account to say "WTF??!" -- The new features are a hugeee step back and make the program retarded. Please revert to the old, simple, faster, better way of uploading/downloading.

Everyone I recommended SmartFTP is complaining at the #$@#$@y way the transfer queue works, the lack of the session keep alive (can't find it if its there) and the easy way we could click 'edit' to Dreamweaver / save and reupload with 1 click!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- Have to go back to the crappy FlashFXP or CuteFTP now

I strongly agree with triggadeath and Blade0rz.

This new version is a huge step backward. (My needs are not specific at all. I am just a basic user.)
The fact that we can not downgrade SmartFTP to the previous and excellent version for free is a shame...