Grayed Out Transfer Start Button

I watched the tutorial for setting up file transfers using temporary queue and transfer queue..and followed them...right up to the point where it says 'click the start button in the transfer queue to initiate the transfer'. My start button is grayed out..and remains gray. I have left the files in the queue overnight and nothing happened. Can someone give me a clue as to why I cannot initiate the transfer using the transfer queue?


The Start button is grayed out because the Transfer Queue is already started.

The Start button is grayed out because the Transfer Queue is already started. do I need to do, if anything, to cause the files to upload from the transfer queue to the remote host? I've waited for 12 hours and it hasn't happened. What initiates it if the start button doesn't?

Hello ..

Are you sure the files have not been transferred already? If the transfer queue is empty the files have been succesfully transferred. If the items are stuck in the transfer queue, double click on the item to get the log. Then post the log here.


The log is blank. It has been sitting this way for 36 hours. Nothing has happened, and the button is still grayed out. I have a screenshot of the transfer queue, but it seems the only image I can insert here is a web image, not a jpg on my hard drive.

Make sure that you have the Auto Dialer disabled in the Transfer Queue. It's disabled by default however you may have activated it by mistake. To do this go to the menu: Tools->Settings and then Queue->Auto Dialer and disable it.