Questions about smarftp 3

HI .
Well I been using smarftp for years , now I had to download version 3 and there are some things I would like to modify but I havent been able xD.

1. How do I remove that big windows that popups when I try to upload a file and there a file with the same name on the ftp? I like the small old window, on this new big windows it doesnt show the file size of the file in the FTP , and well I dont like it is too big , is there a way to bring the old window back?

2. Now when I try to upload a file it sends it to the transfer queue.. I dont like that because it takes longer to upload a single file , I like the old way which will transfer the file automatically , is there a way to change this also?

Hope I can get an answer. Thanks.


You cannot disable it. The size is displayed.

You cannot disable it. It doesn't take significantly longer to transfer files.