Editing and other matters

I've been using SmartFTP these past months, and up until now have found it the ideal client for what I do. But early this week, for whatever reason, the old version would not load, as the process kept dying on startup.

So I d/loaded & installed the new version but I have to say,IMO, it's gone backwards in usability, at least for the limited things I do.

Which are:
1) drag & drop files with near instantaneous results in the old version. Now even the smallest file seems to get delayed to some extent in the queuing process, compared to the old method.

2) I edit files in place i.e. I used to click right click a file, select edit & the file would open in my selected text editor. I'd make changes to the file & click save, which would save to the tmp folder on my HDD. With this newest version, after it's gone through this queuing rigmarole, if I save the text, it acts the same as WinSCP, and saves immediately. This I don't want, as sometimes I make mistakes that I only notice after saving. With the old interface I had to actually click the upload dialogue. This was good

3)Also, in the previous version I could right click in a folder on the server and have 2 choices 1) create Folder 2) create File. Now I've got the full Windows context menu. Very cluttered & cumbersome.

I've looked everywhere to turn this off & the queuing option but these functions seems to have gone AWOL. Any advice on how to restore the clean interface & uncluttered functions of the previous version?

Hello ..

You are correct the "New File" does not exist anymore as it is enumerated with the Windows -> New Files items.
We will add the old "New File" item to the menu. It will be available in the next version (1 day).