Prompt for File Overwrite?

Since I've updated to the newest version, smartftp does not prompt for an overwrite of existing files of the same name. I found this useful when moving modified files from my pc to my server. The previous version would always prompt to overwrite existing files with the same name, I used it as a fail safe in the event I accidentally targeted the wrong folder. Any idea how to re-enable this setting or is it history with the update?

Hello Trip ..

SmartFTP displays the file exist dialog for every conflict (existing files/folders) it finds. There was a small bug in a previous version which caused SmartFTP not to display the dialog for folders on some servers. However this bug has been fixed in the latest version. Please install it from: and try again.


The latest update corrected the issue. Thank you kindly Mat. Consider this issue resolved.

Thank you for your feedback. There is still a bug if you enable the [x] do this for all conflicts checkbox in the folder exist dialog. But this one will be be fixed until tomorrow as well.