How to download files after the new version?


I have been using smart ftp for a LONG time - but my settings have been pretty straight forward so i haven't pushed any buttons i "didnt have to push"

After the upgrade to 3.0 (had a bug in the prev version) i am so dissapointed - the whole layout of my used interface is a mess of columns and browsers. If i try to download files from my server i cant do it cause all they do is get placed in the que - i have tried to download from that location as well - but NOT possible at all . i press download . nothing happends.

Cant say i like this new version as much as the 2.x seriesl. Can someone help me get the files from version before 3.0 or give me a hint on how i can work on my server as i used to..

I don't like tha factor "test and fail" when it comes to my live site - thats why i ask before any disasters are made while i've been pressing "unknown" bottons lol

Thanx for any help and for a great free version

UPDATE: I reinstalled the 3.0 - then i got my que started - really weird, but now i can download and upload as normal. used typical install instead of fulll this time though...

Now i guess i'll get more used to the new interface when things act like they should lol

thx anyway

Did you start the Transfer Queue when prompted so? If not do it. You will see that the items are processed in the Transfer Queue. if no files are in the Transfer Queue it means that everything has been transferred. If some items are stuck in the Transfer Queue it means there is a problem and you can double click the item (in the Transfer Queue) to get the log.

You may want to take a look at the tutorials as well:


Guess its more propper to come with a reply, rather than my update on the above post when the support was so quick - darn that was fast..

Yep - i have always had problems with the upload stopping when uploading a lot - uploading a joomla site always involves 5 restarts lol...but i'm used to it.

All seems to work as before now - exept a couple of things are actually a lot better as i start to find out more and more here now


You are welcome. It's good to know that at least some users appreciate our efforts and time we put into the new version :-)