New Version of SmartFTP cannot upload files.

I was recently forced to download the new SmartFTP client, since old versions close themselves and dont work.

After downloading it, I discovered that it can't upload. I drag a file to the folder I want it to go in, and SmartFTP puts it in a transfer queue. It then sits in the transfer queue and never uploads. Also, by doing this it has corrupted 1 of my files so I can no longer delete it, edit it, rename it or do anything to it.

Can you please allow people to stay with old versions? Because I cant downgrade to older versions as stated here. At the moment I am forced to use the default Windows Vista FTP which is horrible yet works.

Thanks, Boylett

I am another user who has the exact same sentiments. I was using 2.5 daily with no troubles, then was FORCED to upgrade (and in the middle of a very busy hour!) to a new version that simply does not work.

Why is the queue no longer optional?

Why must it reconnect to edit a file, taking 40 seconds, when previously it did so instantly?

Why doesn't the log keep me informed any longer, such as when it's uploaded my edited file?

But most of all, why can't I continue to use 2.5??

Hello ..

If you do not like to upgrade you can purchase a license for SmartFTP:

Only the unlicensed versions expire after a time.

Uploading works as expected. If the item sits in the Transfer Queue just double click it to see the log. SmartFTP does not corrupt files as you claim. If your connection takes 40 seconds there is something wrong with your connection or your FTP server.


Well, I just prepaid my host for 5 years, and they aren't likely to make the FTP login go 40 times faster -- but I'll ask them. Other FTP sites I've used have been faster, but not anywhere 40 times as fast. It would be SO much better for your users, in so many ways, if SmartFTP just worked like it always has:

1. In SmartFTP 2.5, when I chose to edit a file directly from the server, it appeared in my text editor within one second. Can't we have that feature back? I'm at least the second user who wants it.

2. Also, must there always be a queue now? In 2.5, that was something you could turn off. Why remove that functionality?

3. Why change the way the log works when it worked so well? (Previously it would immediately tell me when I'd successfully uploaded the newly-changed file that I'm editing.)

4. I am just a home user and was really hoping to avoid spending $36.95. Can I get at all my stored passwords (which of course, over the years, I have nowhere else) so I can migrate to a different free program (perhaps one of the many open source choices)?

Thank you,


The feature in SmartFTP 3.0 are here to stay. Every professional FTP application today uses a transfer queue like the one in SmartFTP. The transfer queue has many benefits over direct transfers. For example automatic retry of broken transfers and verified transfers. It eliminates the manual supervision of your transfers. Transfer that are successful

If your web hosting provider is running proftpd they have very likely the "resolve IP address" in the FTP server configuration enabled. That's why you see a 30 second delay until you can login. This option should be disabled on the server side.