Connecting Problems (Related to Username & Password Fields?)

I am on Day 5 of my 30-day free trial period and still cannot connect to my server. I have been on the phone to them many times and it has been suggested that I have the wrong username and password next to the address line. I had originally understood that the username and password should be those I received from my server but then I heard that perhaps they should be the username and password given by SmartFTP. However, one can't receive these until one buys the program. So.... my question: what username and password should be going into these fields?

Thank you for directing me to this article.

This may or may not address my problem as I have never seen an error message on my screen identifying the problem as a "530 Logon Failure". Literally nothing is happening on my screen except the words "connecting" and "disconnected" that keep cycling about at the bottom of my screen.

The confusion for me is that apparently *two* different servers are involved, my web hosting server and the FTP server. I know who my web hosting server is and I know that the username and password I received from them are currently correctly typed on the appropriate lines in my SmartFTP window. But who exactly is my FTP server? Is that the Smart FTP company? Why is my FTP server rejecting my information?

Problem solved! My tech support at my web server had given me incorrect punctuation in their URL so no wonder I couldn't connect! Sorry to have troubled you on this point!