Still cannot connect, remove old, install new

Hi All,

I have seen many postings describing the above problem, and I too have been unable to remedy the situation using suggestions from mb et al.

Installing the 'new' version simply does not work despite numerous tries. When in the Control Panel Add/Remove, no change/remove button comes up with the SmartFTP file -- bit strange don't you think? When I attempted to go into the folder where SmartFTP was located and manually delete, again, no joy.

When Googling this, I found a forum where it was suggested that a hacker had replaced the official version with one harbouring a trojan -- this would certainly explain the peculiar things happening. However, this was denied by SmartFTP on one of the help pages. Are we all computer-illiterates who cannot follow the instructions? Or, is there a problem with this latest file that Smart FTP has yet to acknowledge and/or fix? Just thinking aloud.

Other than buying a license or continually trying to install the 'new' version until it eventually works, does anyone have a long-term failsafe solution?

frustrated & confused

It must be a really nice trojan, I've gotten nothing on any of my anti-viruses if this is true.

I had no trouble uninstalling it.