Monitor and Transfer queue

The version is 2.5.1008.37
The queue allows you to open the same file more than once. If you open the file, which opens in your editor, then open it again, it will show two in the queue and so on however the editor just keeps the same copy open.

When you close the file out. The file stays in the Queue and doesn't disappear. After a good accumulation of files it stops saving changes to things until you remove some of the files in the queue. Sometimes I have to restart the app.

I keep SFTP open all the time and it tends to loose connection to the servers and won't reconnect even if I disconnect and try to reconnect. I have to restart the app. I didn't do that before as much when you could only edit one file at a time.

The editor used it Notepadd ++ which has tabs. So I keep that open and close out the tab/file I'm done editing.

Also when doing a server to server transfer it crashes everytime after about a sec.

Hello ..

All the information requested are still missing. Please create a new post for each bug report.