how do I add a second site to smart ftp?

I have been trying to add a second site to smart ftp but I can't seem to get it working. I am with hostgator which uses a c panel and I know I have to use the same userid and password for all of my addon sites but I don't know how to add it to smart ftp without having it get confused with the website already loaded there. how do I add a second site?

Menu: File->New Remote Browser

Each time you enter a new ftp address, username/ password and connect, SmartFTP automatically adds it to your favorites in the "Quick Connect" favorites folder.

To view the sites SmartFTP automatically added to to your "Quick Connect" folder, just click "Favorites" along the top of the user interface, then move your mouse cursor over the "Quick Connect" folder.

And each time you click a site from your Favorites, it will open up on a new tab. If you want the sites you you have open in multiple tabs to be side by side, right click on one of the tabs, and select "New Vertical Tab Group.

Hope that helps...