Problem on copy a Directory

First of all, I have to say smartftp is almost a perfect program. I use smarftp do local file copy. It works perfectly until last week. It still work on copying "files" but once it encounter a "directoy", it will stop there and keep saying "Retry at x:xx:xx PM" under Status column. Did I do something wrong ? I've dl the lastest version, no extra software installed. Pls kindly help.

If you're using the Global Queue... you may have to decrease the number of "Workers" defined on the Transfer Queue toolbar. I ran into this issue a little while back myself.

You can also edit the number of "Workers" via Tools>Settings>Queue

Some hosts limit the number of simultanious connections. One host I connect to, I can use up to 8, but another will only let me have 1 connection, so I had to lower the number of "Workers" to 1.

Even lowering it to 1 gave me a problem once as well, but I found out the customer I was doing some web work for was connected to the FTP site at the same time I was. Once they disconnected, I was able to resume.

I'd imagine if you were pounding the server with to many "Workers", some servers may have a temporary lockout trigger that would prevent your IP from connecting for a specific amount of time... say, 30 minutes or something... just a guess on that one.