Workspace presets are mixed up


One of the great options of SmartFTP, the saving and using of workspaces, gives me some problems...
This has happend 3 times on my system now.
Everything goes wel for a long period, and then suddenly, clicking a saved workspace, it will load a different workspace from the list.
Overwriting them or saving as a totally different name wont work

Any ideas ?

Hello ...

Do you have a reproducible case?


What do you mean ? If i can reproduce the bug ? And make screenshots or something ?

Hello ...

Please provide step by step instructions so we can reproduce it here as well. As long as we cannot it's not possible for us to fix the problem.

Thank you

Hi mat,

Hmm dont know if u can repoduce my problem..
Normally, clicking a workspace saved preset will connect to a server and shows the appropiate local browser folder(s)
Maybe its a registration problem, but at a given moment clicking a preset will load another server and local browser than it supposed to do.
Preset b will load server a, that is , everything is wrong. so if i want server a i will have to click preset b.
Very annoying. Dont really know where the files are, can only find quick launch xml files

So i dont think if u will test this you will get the same mixup