Transfer of files around server


I am trying to transfer files from a subdomain FTP area on my server to another accout on the same server. The subdomain was set up to host a private FTP area and files have been uploaded there. But now I need to move them from this location to a folder within the 'public HTML' folder on another account (seperate website accoutn on the same server)

I have tried using the 'change folder' feature but the transfer is not allowed.

Any ideas how I can achive this?


Alex Smith

Okay so I have been checking out the tutorials and came across the FXP feature. I followed both this and the Temporary queue version and my files still did not transfer. The second remote browser (one I am trying to transfer files to) just auto refreshed itself and the files did not go in (but they did disapear from the temp queue window)

I am only using a free version and have not installed any add on components to this software. Is this the right thing to do, but I am doing something wrong/ server not configured to do this?


Sorry, me again.

I tried again to use the file transfer method as described above and monitored the transfer queue. All transfers failed and I then could see the maessage below in the log:

500 I won't open a connection to 87.***.***.** (only to 79.64.***.***)

only to 79.64.***.*** is my wirless router!

Does this info help in answering my question?

Thanks again