I'm new at webpublishing and absolutely understand the frustration of the person with the above comment. It's wonderful that you're making this program available at no cost, however, the claim that it is easy to use is incorrect.

In theory it's easy: cut and paste. But I've been trying to work with this program for over a week now and cannot upload a single file. I get the following message:

23:33:06] 550 Can't check for file existence
[23:33:06] Transfer successful.

If it can't find the file then how was the transfer successful? It's been the most frustrating program I've ever worked with.

If there's something I'm doing wrong please do let me know!

Thank you!

Hello ..

If you see the "Transfer successful" message it means that the file has been sucessfully transferred. To verify if the file has been transferred refresh the directory.
For technical assistance please purchase a license: