Recurrence of saved transfer file

I set up a transfer to take place at 4pm local time and I have saved it successfully (I think!) as TransferQueue.xml
I sat and watched and sure enough everything went according to plan at exactly 4pm.

When I set the timer, I also set the "Enable Recurrence" to 20 minutes, expecting the whole thing to kick off again at 4:20 (once I see it working, I assume I would change this to every "1 Day" for it to run daily at 4pm).

Alas, my TransferQueue.xml seemed to disappear after the first successful run at 4pm and at 4:20 nothing happened.

I'm sure there's a simple way to achieve this, but I can't find it....

How do I keep the job alive in the transfer queue so that it will kick off at 4pm every day automatically?

thanks in advance