large file multiple transfers

I am sort of new to using Smart FTP and so far I really like it. Nice looking interface and it seems lile it can do a lot. I recently uploaded a lot of photos to my FTP backup site using SmartFTP. I simply logged into my site, went to the dedired folder and then copy/pasted all the photo folders. It went through and uploaded them all and even kept the folder structure (by date) in tact.

Now, I am trying to upload several large AVI files to my FTP site, but am having a problem. I have made a "video" folder and attempted to copy/paste about 10 AVI files into it, but it is only uploading one and then stopping.

Is there a different way I need to upload multiple large (350MB+) AVI files using Smart FTP? I'm thinking the transfer Queue has something to do with it, but haven't been able to figure it out yet.

Yea, I now see what I did wrong and where I was getting confused when trying to use the Transfer Queue.

Is it possible to resume uploads that have been interupted?

Broken transfers are automatically resumed when using the Transfer Queue.