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I, too, am not really all that familiar with how to upload using the FTP method. I mean I have done it several times with Windows and a few other ways, but all were very difficult.

The reason why I am here in the first place is because I want to 3D my house in KML GoogleEarth and have it posted on GoogleEarth. I think GoogleEarth recommended this software, but I may be incorrect in that assumption.

I have no problem buying the "Pro" software, but I really need to know if this software is going to do the job of acting as a "web server" as it relates to GoogleEarth KML instructions.

Secondly, does any one know where I can go to get good, detailed instructions on uploading KML 3D models to GoogleEarth?


Hello ..

You need to upload the KML file to web server. If you don't have a web hosting account you need to get one first. For example offers free web hosting. However the maximum file size limit is around 10MB. Create an account there. Then upload the KML file using SmartFTP to this server. Take a look at the tutorials (Connect and Upload) on our website on how to do this:

I hope this helps.