Puzzled about initial setup

I think I can figure out how to transfer files and sure hope it won't be a problem to upload a large slideshow file BUT cannot figure out the following:



"Password" - is it the same one I use to get in here?


I realize these are ridiculous questions but would love to try out this program and have no issues with paying for a premium should I like it.

One more question...I use "Photobucket" and like it - how is FTP diffferent?

Thanks very much for any help

Hello ...

Before you can upload your files to a server you need the following information:

These information are either provided by the party which requests you to upload the files or from a web hosting provider where you signed up for a web hosting plan.

If you are looking for a web hosting provider here are a few options:
1. www.110mb.com - free web hosting. As with everything free restrictions apply (limited space, limited size of file etc).
2. www.dreamhost.com - discounter (6 USD/month for 500 GB, etc)