SFTP or FTPS, which one is faster?

Hi all,

I need to set up a server in my linux box, and I am unsure if setting up SFTP or FTPS? My main goal is not security but speed and CPU usage.
Which one will go faster and will use less CPU usage (in both, client and server)? (SFTP encrypts the control session and the data transfer, so it may take some more CPU usage. FTPS only encrypts the control session and not the data transfer. Correct me if I am wrong, please)


Hello ..

In general as in the real world if something is less complicated (unsecured connection) it will take less work (CPU resources).
Therefore if you use an unencrypted connection you have the lowest overhead (CPU usage). However unless you have a server with hundred of concurrent secured connections you are not going to notice much of a difference in the CPU usage - on a modern CPU.

When using FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) you can configure SmartFTP to use an encrypted (private) control connection but an unencrypted (clear) data connection. To configure this go to favorite settings and then in the FTP->Connection->SSL dialog set the settings accordingly.

I strongly recommend not to send your password in plain text over an unsecured channel. It means do not select the "FTP Normal" protocol.

Use FTPS (FTP over SSL Explicit) and set the control connection to private and the data connection to clear.