hi all

i get this problem when trying to log into a server using SSL settings (as the guy has now made his server a ssl one)

[18:51:15] AUTH TLS
[18:51:16] 234 AUTH TLS successful
[18:51:16] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
[18:51:17] SSL/TLS client handshake failed (Error = 0x8009030f).
[18:51:17] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
[18:51:17] The message or signature supplied for verification has been altered
[18:51:17] Client closed the connection.

any ideas of how to fix?

i am using version 2.5.1008

thanks in advance

Try to use a SSL/TLS client cert when connecting to the server. To do this go to the favorite settings. Then FTP->Connection->SSL. You may need to generate a new client certificate.