upload bug in vista


Last night my girlfriend was trying to upload some files to my server. As she has recently got a new laptop with vista on she was using that.

A few expletives issued from her corner prompted me to investigate what her latest problem was. It seemed that her files she was uploading were going into the wrong folder. She had been trying to update 3 pages in her root folder. Previously, (in XP) it was just a case of drag them to menu item on task bar/smartftp opens and drop them in the active right window.

Pretty standard action. Whats happening in vista though is in that right pane a 'light blue' bar is appearing if you hover any where in the white area oppisit a folder. If you then drop, the files end up in the wrong folder. This never happened before in xp and as long as you dropped in free space it would just stay in the root folder.

This seems to be an issue with vista being arbitary in selecting folders - was wondering if there was a work around for it?