Same old problem gets same answer---

OK here is an observation. I downloaded smartftp 2.5 and worked with it for a couple of days. It seemed to work just fine. Then just the other day, (today is 2/02/08) ver was just released. I downloaded it and immediately began have trouble being able to see remote files. I posted a thread about it as I noticed several others have had similar trouble and further observed there are few if any replies for solutions from admin. So I decided to uninstall 3.0 and reinstall 2.5. Now I haveing the same trouble. I have a successful log in to the remote site. But there are no files displayed. Interesting enough, I used another competing ftp program to see if I could view the files from a different application. NO PROBLEMS. Now I really seem to like Smartftp and the features that it seemed to have. Although I only used it for a few transfers and have not been able to really look and compare it ease of use. But I am not sure I want to buy a license from a support group who is not willing to help work out simple bugs so people can really see what it can do. There seems to be little or no response when you seek help. You may have a good product. But a product is only as good as the support behind it. You decide yourself what to do next. I hope that I am wrong in this observation. Because I think I could really like this great little tool.

Hello ...

Technical support is provided for licensed customers. To receive support you can purchase a license and we will be able to assist you. To purchase a license go to:

We cannot provide free technical support for a free product.

Also you should not use the beta version of 3.0. It's clearly stated that it is not for production use.