remote files not showing up

I have read the other posts on this same problem. Apparently there is no answer as there are no replies to any of the other posts as well. But here is a different twist. I was using SmartFTP 2.11 I believe. (the latest just before release of 3.01. Everything worked just fine. Had an issue with copying url. But other than that, had no trouble uploading and downloading files. But just installed 3.01 about 30 mins ago. And now I cannot even get remote files to display. And in fact I can only get one folder to display and it is not even my folder. Example is is how my folders are set up on my remote site with my index.html file in the garage folder. Now with 3.01 I get with no files being displayed. Not sure where the http: folder came from if it is even a folder. I can open it, but there are no visiable files contained in it.

I made no changes to any settings. Just downloaded and installed 3.01 and everything quit working. It is as if all my remote files have disappeared and another folder by the name of http: has replaced /garage/. I am going to sleep on it and then tomorrow I may decide to uninstall 3.01 and reinstall 2.11 (?).