Move operation deletes source files even if upload failed

I think this is a 2-in-1 bug which is pretty serious.

First of all, I put several large video files into the upload queue. I then went to the properties and changed it to a Move instead of Copy of the files.

For some reason SmartFTP hung up and I ended up having to kill the process.

After that, I went back into SmartFTP and tried to Move the remaining files again. Apparently SmartFTP had already created several 0-length files in the destination which resulted in a 550 error when SmartFTP attempted to create the "My Videos" folder again.

Much to my dismay, SmartFTP then deleted the source files, ignoring the fact nothing was transferred!

Fortunately, these files are stored on an external USB drive so I can hopefully undelete them. Still, this is a pretty serious problem.

Hello ..

Please provide a reproducible case with the latest version:

Don't forget to include log and the system information.


I'm sorry but your post is not helpful. You are basically blaming SmartFTP for your accident without providing any proofs nor following the guidelines on how to report a bug.