mdtm command issue

I have searched both the online knowledge base and the forums and have not found an answer to this issue.

My server uses the "quote mdtm" command, so just mdtm fails. So each time I make a change to just a few files on my site, I either have to figure out what files changed and manually pick them, or upload my whole site (taking nearly 2 hours).

I want to be able to change my command to "quote mdtm" so it works correctly and saves me hours of work.

Hello ..

This doesn't make sense. But please post the log showing the error(s).


[21:37:04] STOR index1.html
[21:37:04] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for index1.html.
[21:37:05] 30130 bytes transferred. (39.2 KB/s) (750 ms)
[21:37:05] 226 Transfer complete.
[21:37:05] MDTM 20080126022326 index1.html
[21:37:05] 550 20080126022326 index1.html: No such file or directory.
[21:37:05] SIZE index1.html
[21:37:05] 213 30130

OK, maybe I am misunderstanding this, but I thought it was trying to see if the size matched before it sent the file and if it did, then it could ignore the file. I see it's trying to check it after, but I am getting an error that the file is not found. Yet all the files are there.

You can ignore the error. Your server doesn't allow you to set the file time of the remote file with the MDTM comand.

The latest version supports a few other methods to set the file time. However this only works if you server supports it as well: